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No.    Site Title ( Affiliation) Level and Category Counts Language
1 Japanese Dictionary
(G. Bober)
Elementary Dictionary 315 English
2 Favorite Site Kanji Science
Kanji Learning Tips such as Stroke Orders, Directions and Primitives
Beginner's Kanji 147 English
3 Kanji Science
Handwriting Practice for Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji
Elementary Links 92 English
4 The Language Gulper
Advanced Resources 47 English
5 RomajiDesu
Elementary Dictionary 41 English
6 English-Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes (AIT)
Elementary Test 519 English
7 AJALT: Learning Supplements (AJALT)
Numbers, Telephone, Counters, Calendar, Time, Money, Verbs, Adjectives and Family (Japanese for Busy People, Flash)
Beginner's Book 1806 English
8 AJALT: Survival Japanese (AJALT)
Communication Tools, Situational Conversations, Grammar and Vocabulary (Real Audio)
Elementary Resources 282 English
9 Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe (AJE)
Teacher's Organization 130 English
10 Gahoh (Akita Int. Univ.)
Kanji Stroke Order by QuickTime
Elementary Kanji 460 English
11 Community for Japanese or English language learners (Apricotweb)
Elementary Resources 135 English
12 Asahi Shimbun (Asahi)
Advanced Newspaper 333 English
13 The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (BATJ)
Teacher's Organization 116 English
14 BBC(www.bbs.co.uk) (BBC)
Advanced Broadcast 312 English
15 Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunka)
Advanced Organization 132 English
16 Cambridge Dictionaries Online (Cambridge Univ.)
Elementary Dictionary 271 English
17 Particles (Colby College)
(Tamae Prindle & Mika Yamauchi)
Elementary Grammar 565 English
18 AP Japanese Language and Culture Course (CollegeBoard)
Advanced Placement
Teacher's Organization 98 English
19 Kanji Practice by Ishida (Dartmouth Univ.)
Elementary Kanji 471 English
20 Japan Index for FAQ (FAQS.ORG)
Elementary Resources 119 English
21 FAQ [sci.lang.japan] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS.ORG)
Elementary Resources 104 English
22 FAQ sci.lang.japan (TT topics) (FAQS.ORG)
Elementary Resources 102 English
23 Fuji Television (Fuji TV)
Advanced Broadcast 1077 English
24 Visualizing Japanese Grammar by Shoko Hamano (George Washington Univ.)
Elementary Grammar 887 English
25 Travel for Kids: Japan (Globetracks)
Elementary Store 143 English
26 Hiragana Megane (Hiragana)
Elementary Reading 373 English
27 iCampus: Free Registration (iCampusj.net)
Japanese Reading and Listening Comprehension Test (I can pass EJU)
Intermediate e-Learning 1161 English
28 Favorite Site Associative Kanji Learning (iCampusj.net)
Learn Kanji Using Stroke Order Animations and Matching Quizzes for PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android
Beginner's Kanji 1048 English
29 Favorite Site uPal: Network Dictionary (iCampusj.net)
Multiple Network Dictionary Search Using Kanji Handwriting Recognition
Elementary Dictionary 359 English
30 iCampus (iCampusj.net)
Japanese Reading and Listening Comprehension Test (Integrated Campus using Advanced Multimedia Processing in a Ubiquitous Society)
Intermediate Test 266 English
31 Favorite Site uPal: United Podcast for Advanced Learning (iCampusj.net)
Kanji Animation Videos
Beginner's Podcast 225 English
32 First Step to Kanji Stroke Orders (iCampusj.net)
Basic rules of stroke order using animations
Beginner's Kanji 221 English
33 List of Japanese Numbers (iCampusj.net)
Beginner's Resources 208 English
34 Joyo Kanji List for Stroke Orders (iCampusj.net)
Elementary Kanji 204 English
35 Favorite Site Kanji Search Using Multiple Methods (iCampusj.net)
Easy search by English mearning, On/Kun/Romaji reading, pinyin, radical and so on.
Beginner's Kanji 125 English
36 Handwriting Practice for Hiragana and Katakana (iCampusj.net)
Recognition for PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android
Beginner's Kana 121 English
37 How to Install Free Japanese Educational Fonts (iCampusj.net)
PC & Mac 無料 日本語 教科書体 フォント インストール 方法
Beginner's Kanji 31 English
38 Favorite Site uPal: United Portal for Advanced Learning (iCamusj.net)
Text Parsing for Furigana, Dictionary Searching and Text-to-Speech
Elementary Reading 302 English
39 Web-based Hand-tracing Practice in Your Favorite Order (iCamusj.net)
Recognition for PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android
Beginner's Kana 41 English
40 Digital EHON site (International Digital EHON Association)
Japanese Fairy Tale
Elementary Resources 184 English
41 Learn Japanese on Your Terms (JapanesePod101)
Elementary Podcast 263 English
42 Find a Location: Iwate (Japan National Tourist Organization)
Overview, Hachimantai Plateau, Hanamaki, Hiraizumi, Morioka, Rikuchu-kaigan Coast, Ryusen-do Cave and Tono
Intermediate Other 119 English
43 Genki Online (Japan Times)
Elementary Book 2372 English
44 Japan Times (Japan Times)
Advanced Newspaper 248 English
45 JapanToday (Japan Today)
Advanced Newspaper 208 English
46 EJU: Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (JASSO)
Intermediate Test 207 English
47 JETRO Business Japanese Proficiency Test (JETRO)
Advanced Test 248 English
48 JGram - The Japanese Grammar Database (JGram)
Elementary Grammar 487 English
49 JLPT: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JPF)
Elementary Test 347 English
50 Japanese in Anime & Manga (JPF)
Elementary Resources 140 English
51 The Japan Foundation (JPF)
Teacher's Organization 134 English
52 Nihongo e-na (JPF)
Elementary Links 132 English
53 The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa (JPF)
Teacher's Organization 125 English
54 The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (JPF)
Elementary Organization 116 English
55 The Japan Foundation, London (JPF)
Elementary Organization 99 English
56 The Japan Foundation, Sydney (JPF)
Elementary Organization 85 English
57 The Japan Foundation, Cairo (JPF)
Elementary Organization 50 English
58 The Japan Foundation, New York (JPF)
Elementary Organization 32 English
59 The Japan Foundation, Toronto (JPF)
Elementary Organization 25 English
60 The Japan Foundation, Budapest (JPF)
Elementary Organization 20 English
61 The Japan Foundation, Canada (JPF)
Elementary Organization 14 English
62 The Japan Foundation, Italy (JPF)
Elementary Organization 12 English
63 The Japan Foundation, Kansai (JPF)
Elementary Organization 12 English
64 The Japan Foundation, Mexico (JPF)
Elementary Organization 12 English
65 Old Stories of Japan in English (Kudo)
Elementary Resources 347 English
66 Kyodo Tsushinsha (Kyodo)
Advanced Newspaper 157 English
67 Japanese: Vocabulary Guide (LanguageGuide.org)
Elementary Dictionary 1089 English
68 Genki Exercises (Lyon College)
Elementary Book 1118 English
69 Yookoso! I Student Center (McGraw-Hill)
Elementary Book 1213 English
70 mic-J (Metro Univ.)
Elementary Resources 131 English
71 Study in Japam Comprehensive Guide (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Japanese Government Scholarships
Elementary Resources 163 English
72 MIT Kanji projects: Yookoso kanji (MIT)
Elementary Kanji 327 English
73 MIT: JP NET Home Page (MIT)
Elementary Resources 140 English
74 The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme (MOFA)
Teacher's Resources 66 English
75 Japanese Language (New Mexico Tech)
Elementary Links 180 English
76 NewsOnJapan.com (News On Japan)
Advanced Newspaper 171 English
Intermediate Podcast 368 English
78 NHK: Japanese Lessons (NHK)
Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese
Elementary Resources 317 English
79 Japan Broadcasting Corporation/NHK (NHK TV)
Advanced Broadcast 673 English
80 British Columbia Teachers of Japanese (NihongoBC)
Downloadable Teaching Materials (DOC and PDF)
Teacher's Organization 67 English
81 Nikkei (Nikkei)
Advanced Newspaper 157 English
82 e-Taigonwang (NPO)
Intermediate Resources 109 English
83 NTV/Nihon TeleVision Network (NTV)
Advanced Broadcast 333 English
84 Kanji & JLPT Renshuu (Renshuu.org)
Elementary Kanji 492 English
85 Rikai.com (Rikai)
Elementary Reading 272 English
86 SenseiOnline (Saboten Web)
Elementary Resources 239 English
87 Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks (Saboten Web)
Teacher's Links 204 English
88 Usagi-Chan's Genki Resources (Sacramento State Univ.)
Elementary Resources 169 English
89 Japanese Guide to Japanese Grammar (Tae Kim)
English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Korean, Português, Русский, Suomi and Türkçe
Elementary Grammar 590 English
90 Japanese Reading System of Multi-Lingual Environment "ASUNARO" (TITECH)
Elementary Writing 243 English
91 Favorite Site Reading Tutor (TIU)
Elementary Reading 490 English
92 The Reading Tutor Web Dictionary (TIU)
Elementary Reading 61 English
93 TJF(The Japan Forum) (TJF)
Intermediate Organization 1713 English
94 The Lives of Japanese Elementary School Students (TJF)
Elementary Resources 160 English
95 Linguistics Web Sites in Japan (Tohoku Univ.)
Teacher's Links 177 English
96 TV Asahi (TV Asahi)
Advanced Broadcast 566 English
97 Nihongo Web: online Japanese language course (Univ. of Alabama)
Elementary Resources 239 English
98 Kanji alive (Univ. of Chicago)
(QT movie)
Elementary Kanji 364 English
99 Japanese Mosaic (Univ. of Oregon)
content-based curricular materials
Elementary Resources 127 English
100 Japanese Text Initiative (Univ. of Virginia)
Advanced Resources 228 English
101 Japanese Text Initiative: Classical Japanese (Univ. of Virginia)
Elementary Resources 151 English
102 Visit Japan Campaign (Visit Japan Campaign)
Accommodations, Travel, Food, Search and Others
Elementary Links 126 English
103 経済のにほんご (Waseda Univ.)
Advanced Dictionary 74 English
104 Web Japan: NIPPONIA (Web Japan)
A quarterly Web magazine that introduces modern Japan
Intermediate Resources 269 English
105 Japan Video Topics (Web Japan)
Elementary Resources 258 English
106 Kids Web Japan (Web Japan)
Elementary Resources 196 English
107 Free online Japanese learning resource (Websaru)
Advanced Dictionary 79 English
108 Japanese Language (Wikipedia)
Beginner's Links 216 English
109 Category: Japanese Language (Wikipedia)
25 subcategories
Beginner's Links 182 English
110 Yomiuri Shimbun (Yomiuri)
Advanced Newspaper 213 English
111 Lecture Notes: AS/JP1000 6.0 Elementary Modern Standard Japanese (York Univ., Canada)
Video and Text
Elementary Resources 207 English
112 Japanese Studies Program (York Univ., Canada)
Elementary University 193 English
113 Mainichi-Kanji
Elementary Kanji 626 English
114 Java Kanji Flashcards 500
Elementary Kanji 579 English
115 Nakama Vocab podcasting
Elementary Podcast 480 English
116 Tango Town
Elementary Kanji 353 English
117 Teach Yourself Japanese by TAKASUGI Shinji
Elementary Resources 351 English
118 Real Kana - Practice Hiragana and Katakana
Elementary Kana 341 English
119 Kanji Drill by Philip Brown
Elementary Kanji 332 English
120 Gahoh
Kanji Stroke Order by QuickTime
Elementary Kanji 264 English
121 Free Light Japanese to Learn Japanese
Elementary Resources 245 English
122 Nakama
Elementary Resources 215 English
123 Welcome to Genji Net !
Elementary Resources 191 English
124 CJKV-English Dictionary
(Charles Muller)
Elementary Dictionary 178 English
125 KanjiQuick Japanese English Kanji Dictionary and Translation Tool
Elementary Software 178 English
126 Web Japan
Elementary Resources 158 English
127 Asia for Kids
Elementary Store 134 English

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