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No.    Site Title ( Affiliation) Level and Category Counts Language
1 Teach Yourself Japanese by TAKASUGI Shinji
Elementary Resources 351 English
2 Old Stories of Japan in English (Kudo)
Elementary Resources 347 English
3 NHK: Japanese Lessons (NHK)
Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese
Elementary Resources 317 English
4 AJALT: Survival Japanese (AJALT)
Communication Tools, Situational Conversations, Grammar and Vocabulary (Real Audio)
Elementary Resources 282 English
5 Web Japan: NIPPONIA (Web Japan)
A quarterly Web magazine that introduces modern Japan
Intermediate Resources 269 English
6 Japan Video Topics (Web Japan)
Elementary Resources 258 English
7 Free Light Japanese to Learn Japanese
Elementary Resources 245 English
8 Nihongo Web: online Japanese language course (Univ. of Alabama)
Elementary Resources 239 English
9 SenseiOnline (Saboten Web)
Elementary Resources 239 English
10 Japanese Text Initiative (Univ. of Virginia)
Advanced Resources 228 English
11 Nakama
Elementary Resources 215 English
12 List of Japanese Numbers (iCampusj.net)
Beginner's Resources 208 English
13 Lecture Notes: AS/JP1000 6.0 Elementary Modern Standard Japanese (York Univ., Canada)
Video and Text
Elementary Resources 207 English
14 Kids Web Japan (Web Japan)
Elementary Resources 196 English
15 Welcome to Genji Net !
Elementary Resources 191 English
16 Digital EHON site (International Digital EHON Association)
Japanese Fairy Tale
Elementary Resources 184 English
17 Usagi-Chan's Genki Resources (Sacramento State Univ.)
Elementary Resources 169 English
18 Study in Japam Comprehensive Guide (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Japanese Government Scholarships
Elementary Resources 163 English
19 The Lives of Japanese Elementary School Students (TJF)
Elementary Resources 160 English
20 Web Japan
Elementary Resources 158 English
21 Japanese Text Initiative: Classical Japanese (Univ. of Virginia)
Elementary Resources 151 English
22 Japanese in Anime & Manga (JPF)
Elementary Resources 140 English
23 MIT: JP NET Home Page (MIT)
Elementary Resources 140 English
24 Community for Japanese or English language learners (Apricotweb)
Elementary Resources 135 English
25 mic-J (Metro Univ.)
Elementary Resources 131 English
26 Japanese Mosaic (Univ. of Oregon)
content-based curricular materials
Elementary Resources 127 English
27 Japan Index for FAQ (FAQS.ORG)
Elementary Resources 119 English
28 e-Taigonwang (NPO)
Intermediate Resources 109 English
29 FAQ [sci.lang.japan] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS.ORG)
Elementary Resources 104 English
30 FAQ sci.lang.japan (TT topics) (FAQS.ORG)
Elementary Resources 102 English
31 The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme (MOFA)
Teacher's Resources 66 English
32 The Language Gulper
Advanced Resources 47 English

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