Combined Kanji Dictionary/熟語辞典

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1  (さんびゃく)
(n) (1) 300
2  (なんびゃく)
(n) hundreds
3  (こびゃくしょう)
(n) peasant
4  (どびゃくしょう)
(n) (pejorative term for a) dirt-poor farmer
5諸侯  (さんびゃくしょこう)
(n) all the daimyos
6代言  (さんびゃくだいげん)
(n) (1) (derog) pettifogging lawyer
7年中  (ねんびゃくねんじゅう)
(adv) throughout the year
8水飲み  (みずのみびゃくしょう)
(n) poor peasant or farmer
9水呑み  (みずのみびゃくしょう)
(n) poor peasant or farmer
Licences: KANJIDICT and EDICT from EDRDG.

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