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Menu for Japanese Kanji and Kana Learning

  1. Go to "Public iCampus for EJU" or "Private iCampus" for PC

  2. Go to a page of "uPal" (your pals for learning assistant)

  3. "Associative Kanji Learning and Quizzes". (QR)

  4. "Podcast for Kanji Learning".

  5. "Associative Kana Learning and Quizzes".
    連合カナ学習, Kana Table, Kana Matching Quizzes.

  6. "Hand-Tracing Practice for Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana".

  7. HWR: "Kanji Handwriting Recognition". (QR)
    ひらがな なぞり 文字認識 / Hiragana Handwriting using iPad and iPhone

  8. CUI Kanji Search for Mobile / 携帯版漢字検索.
      Help / 使用法.

  9. GUI Kanji Search for Mobile with Hiragana Sounds / GUI版漢字検索.

  10. Joyo Kanji List for PC / PC版常用漢字.

  11. Joyo Kanji List for Mobile / 携帯版常用漢字.

  12. Joyo Kanji Stroke Order for Mobile / 携帯版常用漢字筆順.

  13. Simplified Grammar for Kanji Strokes / 漢字簡略画文法.

  14. Resister for "iCampus", if you get a free ID.
    Get a class keyword from user's munual.

    In holiday, please wait about 4 days for our acceptance.

    正月(しょうがつ)や お(ぼん)には、 4日(よっか)ほど、 承認(しょうにん)を、 お()たせする 場合(ばあい)があります。

  15. Get your password for "iCampus", if you forget.

  16. Get your Scores for Kanji Quiz and Kana Quiz. (No Login)

    16a. An Examples of Scores for All Quizzess
    Quiz Scores / クイズのスコア
    16b. An Examples of Scores for Kana-Romaji Quizz After Clicking 80 in Above Figure
    Scores for Kana-Romaji Quizzes / かなマッチングクイズのスコア
    ひらがなーローマ字マッチングクイズは、 小学生はローマ字の学習確認に利用できます。

  17. Get your kanji strokes for HWR after login. (Login Required)

    17a. An Example of Scores for Hand-writing Character Recognition
    Hand-Writing Recognition Scores / 文字認識スコア例
    え: An Example of Hand-writing Hiragana Recognition

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  19. Help for uPal.

  20. Help for Kanji Search.

  21. How to search this URL.

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